Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Top Ten Teaching Mistakes

The 2009 Teaching
and Technology Forum recently concluded and it was an excellent opportunity to reflect on effective teaching practices centered around the theme of Connect-Engage-Empower. By contrast, a colleague recently sent me a link to a post at the Tomorrow's Professor Blog about the top ten teaching mistakes (written by Richard M. Felder). I am not sure if my friend was trying to send me a message or hoping I would share this post with the university community. In any event, I invite you to read the post linked below and provide your comments and thoughts on the list.

Top Ten Teaching Mistakes Post:

Mistake #10. When you ask a question in class, immediately call for volunteers.
Mistake #9. Call on students cold.
Mistake #8. Turn classes into PowerPoint shows.
Mistake #7. Fail to provide variety in instruction.
Mistake #6. Have students work in groups with no individual accountability.
Mistake #5. Fail to establish relevance.
Mistake #4. Give tests that are too long.
Mistake #3: Get stuck in a rut.
Mistake #2. Teach without clear learning objectives.
Mistake #1. Disrespect students.

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Lilia Murray said...

Loved the post! Lots of good reminders--especially #8. Although the following "Top 10 Common Teaching Mistakes" list is for elementary educators, it still warns against some common pitfalls, such as "aiming to be buddies with your students:" www.kansasteacherretention.com/.../Common_Teaching_Mistakes_For_New_Teachers_To_Avoid.pdf -